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SKU: ZYP16-01

BARCODE: 860007161506

PRODUCT TYPE: Pancreatic Enzymes



1 LB (454g)
2 LB (908g)


ZYPROPAN™ is a Pancreatic Enzyme Concentrate formulated specifically for use in Enzyme Replacement Therapy for dogs with Pancreatic Insufficiency.

Dogs with Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI) do not digest food normally due to a lack of natural digestive enzymes produced by their pancreas. ZYPROPAN™ contains a very high potency blend of porcine (pig) enzymes designed to supplement your dog's digestive process and assist with the digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Supplementing ZYPROPAN™ Pancreatic Enzyme Concentrate into every one of your dog's meals will provide a boost of pancreatic enzymes into your dog's digestive system to help support adequate digestion of food for nutritional and caloric needs.

Celebrating 10 years of providing effective and affordable pancreatic enzymes for thousands of EPI Dogs since 2011, ZYPROPAN™ from FIDOGENX™ is guaranteed to work or your money back.